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Merritt Multimedia is a Multimedia Production Company that overs specialized residential and commercial media services.

Establishing your business online is essential in the 21st century. Merritt Multimedia helps you get your business up and running through a simple step by step process. We’ll help you develop your brand and sell your products.


Old Video tape won’t last forever. A wedding, graduation, or family home movies taped 20 years ago will start to look a little blurry and the colors will begin to fade. Don’t lose your precious memories to time, fire or water damage. Once converted to a digital format, you effectively have stopped the loss of video quality. You can archive those memories forever and easy access and view them on any device.

At Merritt Multimedia, we will work with you to organize and combine your VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video and mini DV tapes on to as few discs as possible, while still maintaining the highest quality. Each tape put on DVD will have its own chapter on the menu for easy access.

  1. Video-DVD
  2. Film-DVD
  3. Audio Transfer
  4. Photo and Slide Transfer
  5. Custom Editing
  6. Photography & Videography

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More Services

Merritt Multimedia also provides “Personalized Technical Support” Powered by Arkietechs.  Some of our Personalized Services include:

  1. New Installs & Setups
  2. Troubleshooting & Repairs
  3. Protection and Home Support
  4. Websites Management & Hosting

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